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Who's With Me?

You may be familiar with Cameron Crowe’s, Jerry Maguire. In the movie, Jerry wrote an iconic and inspirational 25 page Mission Statement demonstrating a significant departure from the cutthroat “winner takes all” sports agent mentality. The manifesto was written

in a moment of clarity around what was possible. It came from a place of authenticity that ignited a spark to begin a courageous journey full of challenges and uncertainty. That path led to fulfillment and the demonstration that playing the role of a sports agent in a different way was not only possible but was better for all involved.

Are you willing to stand in the river, facing upstream, and “do different” in honor of purpose and fulfillment?

I believe we are on the precipice of a systemic crisis in how people want to and are willing to work and live. To be successful in their missions, organizations and leaders need to shift to support this future state of work. This is the time to align with leaders who want to walk the walk and make bold commitments to support their employees and businesses in a different, meaningful and impactful way. This is a movement of purpose that requires alignment, connection and partnership with people that are passionate and committed to this space of human connection, growth and development.

Together we can:

  • Uncover new ways of seeing what is possible.

  • Create space to align on a vision.

  • Take intentional steps forward supporting individual and collective goals.

  • Learn to develop behaviors to engage in meaningful work and live fulfilling lives.

  • Focus our energy on sustainable growth and evolution.

Who’s with me?

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