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Group Coaching & Consulting

Groups, teams, and organizations have a heartbeat. These living breathing units experience unique growth and evolution both as a whole and as independent parts of that whole. With changes, like high growth, restructuring, or strategic direction, each individual and unit will take a unique path to get to and operate from that new vision. I support these living breathing units as a whole and individual parts through planned and unforeseen change. I work with leadership and their teams collectively and individually to gain clarity and take authentic intentional actions leading to aligned growth, fulfillment, and engagement.  

What changes are your group, team, and organization experiencing? 

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"Making the decision to bring Jennifer in to meet with the Board as well as all of our employees was an easy decision to make! Having a skilled and knowledgeable individual like Jennifer take us through the journey of discovery to delivery was absolutely invaluable.

Jennifer took the time to meet with the Board to really dive into what we envisioned for the future state of Syssero, any pain points we may be having, and allowed us the space to identify solutions while also being open and honest with one another. This really helped to elevate the all staff group coaching session we had the following day."

"Having Jennifer facilitate the group session gave us the opportunity for all employees to participate equally. Our employees were extremely engaged in the exercise Jennifer had us do. We are all then able to take results from the exercise and dive deeper in many ways across the organization. We’ve pulled so much of what we learned from one another during the session into our day to day."  


October 2021 

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