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Coaching & Consulting

I support individuals, groups, teams, and organizations to grow and evolve. Together we clarify individual and collective values and visions. We create space to take intentional steps forward as individuals and as cohesive units to engage in meaningful work and live fulfilling lives. 

What challenges and opportunities are you willing to look at to grow and evolve?

Business Meeting at a Cafe
Team Meeting

Individual Coaching

Growth begins when we are willing to look at the challenges and opportunities in front of us and take clear intentional steps forward. These moments can be transformational. They might be everyday occurrences or big milestone transitions.  I coach individuals through any of these growth moments by supporting my clients to gain clarity and take authentic intentional actions leading to growth, fulfillment, and happiness. 

Where are you on your growth journey?

Group Coaching & Consulting

Groups, teams, and organizations have a heartbeat. These living breathing units experience unique growth and evolution both as a whole and as independent parts of that whole. I support these units as a whole and individual parts through planned and unforeseen change. I work with leadership and their teams collectively and individually to gain clarity and take authentic intentional actions leading to aligned growth, fulfillment, and engagement.  

What changes are your group, team, and organization experiencing? 

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