Transformation for Success

Transformation comes in many shapes and sizes. I believe everyone goes through a handful of milestone transformations in their lifetime, like high school-to-college and college-to-career and career-to-parenthood and 1st career-to-2nd career and career-to-retirement and many more. I believe that one does not truly create space for growth without transformation. I coach individuals and teams and specialize in coaching through transformation.

Image by Vasily Koloda
Image by Morgan Sarkissian
Image by Ian Schneider

College to Career

Are you in your senior year of college trying to navigate how to transform from student to professional?  How do you find a company and job you connect with? Where do you start the whole process?  How do you network? How do you tell your authentic story? How do you get off to a fulfilling successful start?

Athlete to Professional

Do you identify as an athlete? Did you dedicate all of your formative years to your sport?  Has your sport been your identity? Are you about to or recently retired from your sport? How have you transitioned from athlete to next iteration of yourself? Have you intentionally identified and applied your high performance skillset to your career and life beyond being an athlete?

Career Shift & Reinvention

Are you a professional facing a big transition about to impact your career or personal life? Are you returning from maternity/paternity leave? Are you returning to the workforce after an extended break or gap in employment?  Are you reevaluating your career focus? Are you considering a major career shift? Are you looking to reinvent yourself for your 2nd or 3rd career act?