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This is the story of a girl . . .

To all of my teammates, competitors, coaches, colleagues, managers, peers, supporters, champions, haters, fans, friends, family: you may be familiar with some of my stories or you may not. You may know the tip of the iceberg but never knew the rest that lies beneath the surface. You may agree or disagree. You may have alternate versions and extensions to my stories. You may realize that you had a different impact on me than you thought. You may be left with questions. You may have concerns, doubts, fears. You may identify with what I share. You may hate that I’m sharing. You may love that you are seeing all of me.

To those I do not know: You may have the same reactions or wonder why I deserve your time and energy as a reader. You may connect to my experiences. You may want to know me more or you may be disinterested.

For everyone, I will say this: My blog is a culmination of life lessons and learnings and also draws from a larger body of work - my book. My intention is to share stories from my experience and perspective that enlighten and connect. I believe that many will see themselves in some of my stories and see there is a way forward. I believe some will be merely entertained by what I share, some will identify with my experiences and some will be shocked by what I have endured, conquered, created, won, lost, feared, learned, celebrated. I hope you, my reader, are inspired to be your best self and be vulnerable to the truth and joyous in the impact you make every moment of every day.

With that, queue Nine Days song Absolutely, “This is a story of a girl, who cried a river and drowned the whole world . . . “

Wait, no . . .

Queue the Beastie Boys song, Paul Revere, “Now here’s a little story I’ve got to tell, about . . .“

I’m Jennifer Baldwin, excited to share a little window into my life with you all.

Can’t wait to get started . . .

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wow...can"t wait!

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