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Thank you, Advocates.

A few weeks ago, I reached out to six people to ask for their support and share their experiences working with me with an organization. Not only did they all make time for me to get them up to speed on the opportunity, but they all overwhelmingly and enthusiastically wanted to speak on my behalf. They are people I respect and have been in the trenches with. They have seen me at my best and some of my more challenging moments. They didn’t have to, but they chose to support me and share the value I have demonstrated. I am still appreciating the warmth and generosity each one of these people have shown me in enthusiastically sharing.

I am grateful for my family that supports me to pursue my passions, cheering me on every step of the way. I am grateful for the colleagues and mentors in my life who have acknowledged and championed the value I bring to a team, challenge, and opportunity. Connections with people who have watched you evolve throughout your life and those people you have huddled with at work to build something new and solve big problems are sacred. There is the experience of having shared experiences or moments where you crossed over a threshold and made it to the vision or goal on the other side, or when someone reached over and helped pull you up so you could keep going.

These experiences are foundations for long term trust and relationships. They are also fragile and require nurturing and care. Showing up, sharing what’s going well and what isn’t, and offering and receiving support are vital nutrients to the ongoing health of that trust and relationship. I am grateful for these people and relationships in my life and I’m fortunate to have so many. I am clear how they have all contributed to my strength and ability to move forward when I was worn down, confused, scared or humming along setting the pace.

Thank you to my champions, my advocates. I cherish you!

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