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Support is Empowerment

Recently, I was coaching a small business team through a succession plan and transition. This close team lives and breathes collaboration and knows what it is like to truly support one another in a continually evolving environment. Even so, the team members confess that they often take things on alone to “just get it done” or “prove” to themselves that they can “do it alone”, admitting they have overextended themselves and put themselves at physical risk. Taking this approach results in duplicating efforts and operational confusion which hinders the team from doing their best work and showing up as their best selves.

As part of a team, family, or organization, you collectively succeed by relying on each other to give and receive support. Whether it is physical, emotional, or mental, we all need to give and receive support to leverage the strength of our combined skills and make our unique individual contributions to all that we do.

Are you present to how you give and receive support?

Just this week, I reached out to my mentor coach for support around forgiveness. I have held a lot of energy hostage around a few individuals that have had significant impacts on me and I am so ready to let it go, but I know that I need support to do this. I now know that “doing it alone” for many years has not allowed me to grow and move forward. She is supporting me to break the bond that has connected me to these individuals in this negative way. I am focused on learning to release that connection instead of grasping it tighter. My coach is supporting me to gain a new perspective and shift my energy. She is empowering and energizing.

Reaching out and asking for support is a critical skill that many of us have been taught is a sign of weakness or incompetence. In actuality, learning how to ask for support is a demonstration of wisdom and awareness that we are all interconnected and both need to give and receive support to maintain a healthy connected balance.

I am always inspired when I meet clients for the first time, as they’re demonstrating courage and wisdom in reaching out for support. It is a sign that they are ready to grow and evolve and be present in this moment of their life. The exhale of relief is visible and powerful as they see they do not need to “do it alone”. Support is empowerment.

Are you aware of the symptoms that tell you when you need support and are you willing to offer support to someone who needs it?

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