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Resilience Strength

When I think back over my life journey thus far, I see the many lessons in resilience that have been offered to me. Some I have fought and some I have fed, but all have left lasting impacts on me and how I see and move forward in the world.

As an athlete, I was constantly striving for perfection and consistently not good enough, mostly, for my own expectations. I picked myself up over and over again learning to persevere through pain and disappointment and move forward. As a professional in my career, I have been let down by peers and leaders that didn’t follow through on promises and took advantage of my drive and ability to execute for their own gain. As a spouse and mother, I have sprung back more times than I can count as I felt the pressure and challenge of being a working mother and the guilt of not being present in the classroom, on field trips, for homework, for dinner, and the list goes on and on.

The definition, according to Merriam-Webster, of resilient is, “tending to recover from or adjust easily to misfortune or change”. Our lives are in a constant state of flux and change is all around us. Building resilience is imperative for survival.

We all have our own resilience experiences that, together, make up a larger journey. Some resilience lessons are harder to accept and learn than others, but I’ve learned that there are critical foundational skills and actions you can take to build your resilience muscle.

My friend and former colleague, Cheryl Porro, and I have put together a 7-day Return to Resilience challenge. Take a few minutes a day to tune into yourself and connect to your Authenticity and Purpose and move forward with Resilience, Reinvention, Growth, Connection, and Community. Join our Returning to Resilience Community on LinkedIn to learn skills, engage in the resilience conversation, and get support.

Start now . . .

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