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Group Growth Dynamic

Being part of a team can be magical. When every part is empowered to demonstrate their unique contribution the result is extraordinary. As a synchronized swimmer, I had the opportunity to be a part of over 15 teams of 8-10 athletes each and multiple duets and trios. As a professional, I have been a part of and lead well over 25 teams and groups of

multiple sizes in various environments. I have experienced the concept of forming, storming and norming as a group of individuals adapt and learn how to function as a whole. When a group is operating as a whole toward the same goals, they are in a state of flow. Their innovations, performances, and execution seem to defy what’s possible.

Teams are everywhere. They are part of sports, work, family, friends, and neighborhoods. When stressors are applied to groups or teams, like injury, restructuring, or accelerated growth, there are individual and group responses. These responses require acknowledgement and different levels of support to keep the individuals and group humming along. Organizations that tune into and see their teams as evolving dynamic units will win, not only in productivity and quality, but also in loyalty, adaptability and durability. Recognizing there is a need to focus on both the dynamic of the sum as well as it’s parts is critical to healthy growth and functioning.

This year I had the fortune of working with an incredible organization and their leadership team. They see and acknowledge the living and breathing team dynamic and take action to support their individuals and teams to align and grow. This organization is called Syssero and they see the value in meeting each employee where they are with their challenges and supporting them to create steps forward. These individual steps align with the group goals to ensure the unit is moving forward together, while honoring the various routes each individual will take to get there. Syssero is investing in their organization with this thinking and approach. They are poised to adapt to change and deliver excellence with ease with a highly engaged workforce.

I leverage my experiences and group coaching training and certifications from Salesforce, Academy for Coaching Excellence, and Circles. It is my mission and joy to support teams and groups. Reach out if you are curious about what group and individual support could look like in your groups, teams and organizations.

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