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Grounding in our purpose

Many of us find ourselves in new territory right now. Some of us are considering new employment options, alternative living scenarios, different school work and arrangements and many other life-changing adjustments. There is a whole lot of uncertainty and unknown swirling around us right now. It can be exhausting managing and navigating the amount of change we are all facing on a daily basis. It’s totally normal to feel overwhelmed and stressed and anxious. Are you breathing? . . . Take a deep breath . . . exhale it all out . . . haaaaaaaaaa. One moment at a time.

Take a moment to remember your direction, aim and purpose - your North Star. It can be several things at once, but usually, a few key values command our attention and connect to our passions. Our purposes ground us. They tell us why we are doing what we do every day. They guide us when we feel lost or anxious or paralyzed and keep us focused, humble and hungry.

Our purposes are many and take on different forms and focus at different stages of life. They are ignited by our inner essence. Our essence flows into our unique contributions and connects us to every purpose we prioritize at every stage and moment of our lives.

For some, parenthood is the greatest purpose. To grow, develop, and nurture the humans that will take our planet into the next generation is immeasurable.

For some, the guiding purpose is leaving an impact and legacy through work and action.

For some, breaking barriers and paving new paths by demonstrating strength in the face of obstacles and uncertainty is the driving purpose.

The roles of parent, professional, pioneer, and all other roles become unique to each of us when we add our individual essence to our purposes. What purpose holds the most attention for you right now?

Whatever that driving force may be, you must be clear on what it is. It is our responsibility to ourselves and everyone in our lives to be clear in our direction and steadfast in our aim. It is our duty to prioritize authentic actions that demonstrate our unique inner essence and align with our purpose. This is where you focus and refocus your energy as the storm of change roars around you.

So in this hurricane of change, close your eyes and remember your purpose. Be clear and deliberate in the actions you take. Know that you bring something special to each and everything you do and your contributions are critical to all of us navigating this storm.

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