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From Vision to Reality

You know that feeling when you have put in the work and created space to receive and enjoy the goodness from your hard work, energy, and effort? It feels good, doesn’t it? It’s an opportunity to celebrate that you are turning your vision into a reality.

I’m excited to announce that I’m expanding my business and service offering to include another top passion of mine, real estate! I just earned my California Real Estate License (DRE# 01402141) again after a several-year hiatus from the profession and I’m so excited to jump back in, combining all of my other skills and experience, to support my clients. The physical reality of COVID has created many delays and challenges on my journey to reach this milestone, but I continued to redirect my energy to what I could impact which empowered me to bring my vision into reality with ease and grace.

My love of supporting people as their coach in their personal and professional endeavors extends into supporting people to buy and sell properties and connect to what “home” is for them. I see home as way more than a building or roof over our heads. I have distinct sensory connections to the homes I was raised in and places that were a part of my upbringing. The feel of the burning hot summer asphalt in Concord where I gathered with neighborhood friends to fry an egg before jumping into the cool sparkling pool. The smell of fresh-cut grass mixed with railroad tie wall oil filling the backyard air of our Walnut Creek home. The crunch of pine needles under my feet and icy river water on my skin at our mountain cabin in Pinecrest. The bittersweet taste of ripe Meyer lemons right off the tree at my great-grandparent’s mid-century modern house nestled beneath the scent of oak trees in Auburn. We all have distinct sites, sounds, smells, and tastes that connect us to places and memories. I believe that we try to recreate those precious memories as we move to new places, grow our families and create our own versions of “home”.

Supporting people in their search to discover what the experience of home means for them and helping them make that a reality is my honor and joy. By making my vision of becoming a Realtor and Coach a reality, I support people to lead fulfilling lives and make their visions of home, at all stages of life, a reality.

What visions are you bringing into reality?

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