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Expand your Possibilities

What’s possible expands as you evolve. The range and depth of what you perceive to be possible is limited only by the boundaries you create. Some boundaries can be set for good reason. They can be physical and mental. Maybe there are limits that give you enough stretch to make you uncomfortable without feeling overwhelmed or maybe your experience has taught you that going beyond certain boundaries has negative results. We want to maintain the limits that keep us safe and out of harm's way. We want to develop an awareness of the limits we create that we think are protecting us, but in reality, are preventing us from growth and evolution.

When talking about the latter, we see the opportunity to act from a place of abundance instead of a place of scarcity. Are we willing to step into uncertainty, be uncomfortable, and open our eyes to the abundance each moment of uncertainty offers us? Are we willing to set a goal, put in the work to achieve it and then move what's possible to a new

horizon? Try asking:

“What would be possible if I loved my job?”

“What would be possible if I focused on my passion?”

“What would be possible if we shared our fears at home and at work and in our communities?”

“What would be possible if I approached each day as an opportunity?”

These are starting points to mapping your growth to what’s possible. Let yourself absorb what is possible and delight in it without allowing judgment, fear or anxiety to enter that space. To that point, maybe consider, “What would be possible if I made decisions and acted from a place of courage, ease and certainty?”

Once we see what is possible, then we choose to either endure or shine. If we are focused on what’s possible, we see the delight in getting there. We are motivated to grow into what is possible and take action toward it over and over again.

As we all kick start 2022, let’s give ourselves space to expand what is possible for ourselves, our families, and our communities.

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