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Create Your Whole Healthy Person

As we begin a new year, we have the opportunity to reflect back and intentionally set our behaviors and actions going forward. I invite you to bring awareness to your whole healthy person and create a path forward that clearly honors what supports you to be and do your best.

I recently supported leaders in an organization in designing their own whole healthy person behaviors and actions. It was interesting to see the awareness that this work brought to them about the structure of their days, what was missing, and how they had the power to make the changes needed. Many organizations are struggling with overwhelmed employees and burnout which has a domino effect leading to more significant well-being, retention, and productivity challenges. Leaving this unaddressed is a recipe for disaster in an already volatile work and life landscape.

Start this new year off by making space to design your whole healthy person. In Designing Your New Work Life, Bill Burnett and Dave Evans share that Doctors and Psychologists say it is critical for our health every workday to include a combination of physical exercise, a variety of cognitive tasks, and social contact. And with hybrid and remote first work environments, work/life boundaries are blurred, so it is also critical to have intentional start and stop moments and rituals for your workday activities and actions.

We need to set an example for our families, peers, leaders, and teams to take ownership of designing our workdays to respect our whole healthy person needs. Let’s not expect our employers to do this for us, but instead create it for ourselves and demonstrate behaviors and actions to bring our best selves to our personal and professional lives.

Together we can change unhealthy practices that have led to overwhelmed, reactionary, unfulfilled, and burnt-out employees. Supporting healthy practices that give employees ownership and agency to create a fulfilling, highly productive, impactful whole healthy person in all aspects of their life is just plain good.

Individuals committed to designing their whole healthy person will become beacons of resilience, strength, and empowerment. Organizations and leaders that encourage their people to adopt healthy practices and support their behaviors and actions around this are going to retain and attract employees. They are going to foster more productive, creative, adaptable, engaged, and happy workforces. Why wouldn’t this be a priority for everyone, right here, right now?

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