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Building Our Home

We have been remodeling and building our home for 14 years. Some people lovingly call our house the Winchester Mystery house. From the start, we envisioned our home as a place where our girls, family, and friends could come together to relax, be part of nature, celebrate milestones and enjoy the company around them. The physical expression of this vision has gone through many iterations and the journey has been exhausting, costly and rewarding.

As I look around our property, I see stories around every detail . . .

Our fences, decks and overhangs engineered and built for strength, inside-out living and architectural interest.

Our cottage built to create a home for others and share our space, family and community.

Our yard-art including wagon wheels, fire hydrants, birdhouses, driftwood and statues arranged to provide nostalgia, whimsy and interest.

Our open-concept floorplan created to bring our family together to connect with, share and support each other.

Our gardens with Japanese Maple, Oak, Magnolia, and Arbutus trees, and hydrangeas, gardenias, ferns, and trumpet vines invoke a feeling and beckon your senses to drink in their scent and touch their petals and leaves.

Our fire pit brings people together for awards ceremonies, celebrations, and gatherings.

Our custom welded metal gate, arbors and furniture designed by our daughter and created by my husband honor true craftsmanship and welcome all who come to our home.

Our house is a combination of memories, projects and experiences that have been and always will be a work in progress. It’s these stories, the grit, and the will to make this more than just walls, concrete, dirt, wood, metal and a roof that we take with us.

The journey we have carved out has left a lasting impact on our girls and hopefully anyone we welcome into our space. We know that we are part of every inch of this property, this lifestyle, and this story. Our building experience has taught us how to evolve, grow, imagine and make a house our home.

I invite you to join me and Stephanie in the conversation about what home means to you on our “Be Home” Facebook page.

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