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Stepping into “Yes”

I remember making the decision to pursue coaching as a full-time career. I doubted it was possible to make this significant career change, but I was clear that this work brought me fulfillment and energized me in a way that was unparalleled to anything else. I said “yes” and stepped forward.

Throughout my training, I was challenged to rewire my thinking and grow in totally new and uncomfortable ways. I worried whether I would be enough, yet I said “yes” and stepped forward.

As I met with my first paying client during our first session, I was scared on so many levels, but mostly, I was scared that what I had dreamt of was right here in front of me and I didn’t want to mess it up. Still, I said “yes” and stepped forward.

What does saying “yes” look like? When we have opportunities and challenges in front of us, are we stepping into them and giving them a bear hug or are we giving them the Heisman?

It can be scary to see something bigger than you thought possible right in front of you, and step in to embrace all that it offers. It can be what you have dreamt of and more, yet the fear of the unknown still lingers. At these moments, we can gently remind ourselves that this is a normal reaction and ask ourselves, “What are we willing to be and demonstrate?”.

Stepping forward and taking action in these moments isn’t impulsive, like seeing and following a “shiny object”. This action is intentional. It’s seeing the clarity in what is right in front of you and the true connection to your dreams and values and saying, “Yes, I choose this path”. You may not know what happens next or what twists and turns lie ahead, but the choice and action are clear.

Embrace your dreams one step at a time no matter the fear, doubt, and uncertainty you may experience ahead.

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