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Endings Fuel Beginnings

Do you know that feeling that washes over you when you are in the middle of working toward a goal and you are doing, but not completing, and you are on the cusp of accomplishment? You are living in the seduction of reaching your vision. The seconds before the clock stops on the scoreboard, the moment you are sliding into home plate, the concluding remarks of your presentation, the final push in giving birth. You can see it like the finish line of a race. Waiting for you and pulling you closer. You no longer are moving toward it. It comes to you.

Behind you are the hurdles and challenges you encountered and overcame, the things you now know but didn’t at the start, the anxiety and fear and excitement you bottled up as fuel at the beginning.

Before you is this lightness and brightness. It draws you into it’s aura and you begin to bask in the warmth of it’s offering. Completeness, fulfillment, happiness, accomplishment. It bubbles up a new and different energy inside you, like a second wind on the last mile of a marathon. It’s euphoric. You see that you have demonstrated clarity in a vision and diligently worked from that vision to be in it, to experience all that you have worked for and toward.

The fulfillment is not just in crossing the finish line. The learning is not just in the recap or post mortem. It’s in the journey. It’s those moments before the finish where you are still in it and almost out of it where you slow it down frame by frame, observe, take it all in and carry it forward to the next vision, the next race, the next milestone.

Bring awareness to the gravitational pull at the beginning of the end and take this energy into the start of the next.

Relish in what you have created and brought into reality. Harness the power in your endings to fuel your beginnings.

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