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Athlete to Professional

Know and Use Your Power

Do you identify as an athlete? Did you dedicate all of your formative years to your sport?  Has your sport been your identity? Are you about to or recently retired from your sport? How have you transitioned from athlete to next iteration of yourself? Have you intentionally identified and applied your high performance skillset to your career and life beyond being an athlete?

Individual Coaching

Looking for individual support? I'm happy to provide one-on-one coaching sessions.

Group Coaching

Interested in group coaching? My Authoring Your Athlete Transition group coaching program may be right for you.

Right for you or someone you know?

This group is a fit if:

  • You have dedicated yourself to a sport for a majority of your life 

  • You self-identify as an athlete 

  • You're near or have already started the process of retiring and transitioning out

  • You want to get clear on your sense of purpose and what you value in this next chapter of your life 

  • You want to translate your strengths as an athlete into new environments



Authoring Your Athlete Transition is a 3-month group coaching program for retiring athletes transitioning from athlete to the next stage of their lives. In this program you will learn tools and receive support to transition from self-identifying as an athlete to expanding your identification beyond your sport.  We will explore who you are, get clear on any unresolved athlete experiences, learn how to get back on track when the impact of these experiences can take over, translate your athlete strengths into new contexts and paradigms, and set a vision of possibility and goals to get there. Our virtual group sessions, with no more than 12 participants,  will include sharing, reflection and group interaction, as well as introduction to tools and rotation of one-on-one coaching within the group.


  • 8-12 participants per group

  • Total of 9 sessions over 3 months (3 sessions a month)

  • Sessions are 1.5 hours each 

  • Meet via video call that will be recorded and shared privately so you can catch up if you miss one

  • Total cost is $450 ($150 per participant per month)

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