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Inspiration is all around

As I look at the community of people in my life and the adversity that 2020 has brought, I am continually inspired by the demonstration of strength, creativity, and adaptability. Some are unemployed and creating new businesses and side hustles from scratch to support their families and connect to their passions. Others are stepping up to lend a hand and nurture others through these tough times. So many people I’m connected with are reimagining new ways of doing things that they have always, until now, done a certain way.

I am inspired by all of it and the positive influence it has on everyone in the community. I am inspired by the bravery to stare uncertainty in the face and respond with a smile and intentional action. It’s powerful and masterful. Although we are living very differently than we could ever have imagined and managing challenges that we never could have foreseen, there is inspiration all around us to give us that little nudge to embrace the uncertainty and see the opportunity that lays before us.

I am grateful to hear their stories and be a part of their journey in some shape or form. I invite you to look up and see the inspiration all around you. Share it, appreciate it, and stand upon it to boost your own ingenuity and contributions as we bring 2020 to a close and welcome 2021.

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